A comprehensive suite of tools on urban and interurban mobility

Previa Mobility is a comprehensive suite of tools on urban and interurban mobility that integrates the following data:

  • Floating Car Data
  • Sensor data

It also integrates a knowledge base involving state of the art technology:

  • Big Data
  • AI

A suite of decision aid tools

Previa Mobility is an integrated and customizable suite of planning, decision aid and workflow management tools. Based on our forecast models, it serves the purpose of urban and interurban transportation network control and coordination, thanks to the following functions:

  • Short-term forecast models
  • Medium-term forecast models
  • Monitoring and early alarms
  • Diagnosis
  • Assessment
Phoenix ISI _ Previa mobility


  • To promote Eco-mobility
  • To reduce or to limit motor traffic, noise and atmospheric pollution
  • To relieve congestion in cities


  • Solutions to lack of means
  • Support to urban mobility surveillance
  • Support to urban mobility flow control


  • Traffic and multimodal information in historic town centres
  • Route guidance


  • To more effectively monitor mobility:
    Previa Mobility shows the recurrent transportation network congestions and detects and anticipates exceptional congestions.
    Furthermore, Previa Mobility gives the ability to monitor traffic conditions accordingly to the targets of mobility policies (monitoring certain protected or restricted traffic areas).
  • Making traffic congestion solving easier:
    In the event of a congestion, in real time or forecasted, Previa Mobility supports operational decision processes by proposing alongside the most adequate contextual elements of problem solving.


  • To analyse the causes of the traffic congestions:
    Thanks to its analysis tool on recurrent congestions based on the network behaviour data, Previa Mobility allows to identify their causes. It then proposes solutions to resolve those congestions.
  • To study and to assess mobility action plans:
    Previa Mobility provides tools to study and evaluate the actions taken or to be taken in terms of mobility. These tools allow to assess their long-term relevance and efficiency.

Upcoming developments

Previa Mobility is a decision aid tool in the field of urban and interurban transportation network operation.

Phoenix-ISI field of expertise will rapidly evolve to include:

  • The public transit systems
  • The car parking management
  • The cycling networks

Previa Mobility will cover the entire multimodal transport systems stakes as well as the shifting from the vehicular traffic to “soft” modes of transport issue.


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