Career: our know-how and technologies combined with your skills

Performance at the service of our clients is our core activity, and our engineers are the engines of this performance. Are you ready to go further with us?
We are always looking for personnel eager to show us their talents. Do you want to evolve in a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere, in an advanced technologies context?


Corporate Culture

We are not just talking about Innovation: creativity of individuals and teams lies at the heart of our enterprise; it determines our legitimacy among our clients. We take great pride to make you work in an environment that challenges your skill, to create value and to progress together.

Working with Phoenix-ISI

We select people who think differently, innovation is never away. We must continually be exploring and introducing new methods and tools, be rigorous in our approach. We must share to make faster progress within a constantly changing environment. We move on, so will you.

What our Engineers say

Stéphane DELARUE Engineer from Ecole Centrale Nantes For my first job I was looking for a dynamic company proposing a broad diversity of projects to achieve. I choose to join Phoenix isi, a human-sized company able to position itself among the leading figures in its sector. Topics on which I am working are varied and interesting. Moreover, a family atmosphere prevails allowing to work in a good atmosphere. As a graduate of Ecole Centrale allows me to know the various bases of the scientific field. Thus I can adapt more easily to the different projects that I have to conduct. It also allows me to be productive more quickly and to understand more easily a project purpose.
Sylvain DOREY Engineer from Ecole Centrale Lille Currently, I'm assigned to the lao branch of Phoenix. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to work on the state-of-the-art open-source technologies in an environment as challenging and fascinating as the Lao high-level public administration. Furthermore, I stay involved in the French R&D; projects that stand at the core of the current big trends in the fields of prediction and data analysis.
Adrien COLLOMBAT Project Manager Directly joining Phoenix isi after my engineering school, I immediately started working at a customer site specialized in logistics as a design and development engineer, in a project that was being mounted. Quickly, I have taken interest more in functional questions but always keeping my technical role, and obtaining more responsibility in projects that I was entrusted. I am now Project Manager, with a determining role of assistant to the Project owner for the client. I particularly appreciate to be the link between the different project stakeholders: clients, technical experts, suppliers, etc.