Project Description

ESCOTA - Prévia 3 Autoroutes A50


Previa 3

Previa 3 is a software tool that allows to forecast the traffic situation to come (in terms of flow, occupancy rate and speed) based on historical data on traffic situations. 

Previa 3 allows more control to Regional Offices of a Motorway Company by giving a common forecast method throughout the company.

The Motorway Concession Companies use Previa 3 to get more efficient explanatory factors of traffic events and to improve their forecast accuracy, in order to:

  • Organize toll stations
  • Schedule maintenance and renovation works
  • Forecast revenues
  • Help users to plan their trip

Previa 3 technological highlights are:

  • Traffic mid-term forecast
  • Data consolidation

Previa 3 has been used since 15 years on 80% of the French toll motorway network and had been redesigned and re-engineered in 2017 at the request of all its users.

  • Forecasting algorithm

  • Motorway mobility

  • Data consolidation

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